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Haitai  신당동 떡볶이

Shindangdong Tteokbokki Chips

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Ring ding dong, Shin-dang-dong!

This snack will have your mouth going "Ring Ding Dong" with flavor! A savory mix of spicy and sweet, Shindangdong Tteokbokki brings Korea’s no. 1 street food to your mouth without having to actually go outside.

The chips capture the sweet and (mildly) spicy of tteokbokki. Take the snack with you on the streets!

No cooking necessary; this tteokbokki is perfect as is! Allergen information: contains wheat, soybean, and tomato.


Wheat Flour, Brown Sugar, Mixed Oil(Palm Olein Oil, Sunflower Oil, Tochpherol), Starch Syrup, Korean Spicy Flavors Seasoning(Glucose, Spicy Flavor Base, White Sugar, Spicy Powder, Refined Salt(Soybean Tomato)), Rice Powder, Chili Sauce, Glucose, Refined Salt, Paprika Extract Color, Acidity Regulator, Parsely Flake, Cracker Flavor, Smoky Flavor, Flavor Enhancer



Based on 9 Reviews
5 star :
  • Awesome! – cathy
    These are one of the best snacks EVER!! Hope they are back in stock soon.
    (Posted on February 17, 2017)
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  • Delicious! – Ashley N.
    I found these randomly and have been in love with them since. When will they be in stock again??? They were so good. Sweet and spicy.
    (Posted on February 5, 2017)
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  • These are one of my favorites! – Dawntel E.
    These are one of my favorite snacks!
    (Posted on January 16, 2017)
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  • Can you Marry a Chip? – Alisa Richards
    Top notch ! Fantastic! I was skeptical of them at first because I am a serious lover of tteokbokki and now I'm a believer!
    (Posted on January 15, 2017)
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  • AMAZING – Ashley S.
    Finally FINALLY got my hands on a bag and they are sooo good. These are my absolute favorite K-snack. I'm back again and it's SOLD OUT (LOL!) *waits impatiently for them to be restocked" Just being honest hehe ~
    (Posted on January 8, 2017)
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  • So Good! – Halei P.
    These chips are my life. They are very addicting. They have a nice sweet and spicy kick with a fried after taste. I love em'.
    (Posted on December 29, 2016)
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  • Always SOLD OUT because they ARE SO YUMMY! – Ashley S.
    Every time I come to order a bag, it's sold out XD. I tried them once in a previous Snack Fever Box and they were my favorite item HANDS DOWN. I'm going to be checking for them everyday from now on! Please bring them back again :D Is there a way we can give our email for notices on specific items? :o
    (Posted on December 19, 2016)
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  • Love it! – Be K.
    Love it!
    (Posted on December 9, 2016)
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  • Delicious! – Lelia C.
    This snack is delicious! I shared it with my roommate who also fell in love with it!
    (Posted on November 27, 2016)
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