Haitai  구운감자

Baked Potato Stick

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perfectly seasoned and thin yet crunchy baked potato stick


Processed Starch(Potato Starch, Starch, White Sugar), Vegetable Oil(Palm), Processed Goods(Potato Powder, Starch, White Sugar, Salt, Whey Powder), Margarine, Processed Cereals, Shortening, Starch, White Sugar, Refined Salt, Emulsifier, Processed Sugar, Milk Paste, Wheat Protein, Combined Congener(Potato Flavor, Milk Sugar, Glucose, Potato Starch), Cream Concentrate Powder, Flavored Oil, Guar Gum, Fortifying Nutrient (L-Lysine), Acidity Regulator, Enzyme *Allergen Information: Contains: Wheat, Milk, and Soybean